Kat Cushing.jpg

RIN CUSHING Insurance Coordinator

A local, born and raised in Sarasota, Rin decided to part ways with the sunshine she grew up with and head west to Portland, OR for school. While out of the state, she also spent time abroad, even living in Sweden. 


With school turning remote, she decided to come back home where she joined the DIG Team in March of 2022. She is usually the first person you will encounter when you call in or walk through the front door and loves getting to better understand the intricacies of insurance.

She is a plant and cat parent who someday aspires to have an impressive vegetable garden. Occasionally growing her own veggies (like sweet potatoes) she enjoys cooking vegetarian dishes and specializes in soup! 

Rin is happy to help direct you to get what you need fast and easy!

Fun Fact: She chose to go by "Rin" stemming from "Katherine" since we already had one not the team.