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Kathrine Pienkos

Insurance Advisor

Kathrine started her life in Chicago and grew up playing many sports like baseball, basketball, soccer and cheerleading. At 19 she decided to move to San Antonio, Texas for 5 years. After her time in the Lone Star State, Kathrine moved back to Chicago to help support her family. Years later, she had her daughter Shelby and notes that her life really started at that point.


In 2019, Kathrine decided to move to Florida to start her career in insurance. She joined The DIG Team in January 2020 and brings her infectious mid-western empathy to our clients everyday. 


An avid book reader, sports fan and music buff, Kat (as we call her), loves getting to show her daughter that the world is full of endless possibilities and looks forward to what each new day may bring her family. 

Kathrine Pienkos
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