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Julia Dees

Marketing Director/Co-Founder

Meet Julia, a true Floridian from Venice, FL, where she spent her formative years. After graduating from Florida State University and crossing paths with her husband Brad, they decided to make their home in Sarasota.

For the past decade, Julia has been deeply immersed in marketing, focusing her efforts on serving and connecting with various companies within the healthcare continuum. Her passion for supporting businesses and understanding customer needs has been evident throughout her career.

While always a staunch supporter of The DIG Team, Julia officially joined forces with them in October 2018. With her arrival, she brings a wealth of experience in identifying and addressing customer and referral partners' needs, ensuring that everyone she encounters receives the support and attention they deserve.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Julia finds joy in spending quality time with her family, including her daughter and son. Whether they're exploring the local community or enjoying quiet moments at home, family time is always cherished.

Julia is eagerly looking forward to uncovering new ways for Dees Insurance Group to continue supporting and enriching the communities they serve. With her dedication and expertise, she's committed to making a positive impact and fostering meaningful connections within the community.

Julia Dees
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