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Susan Wenzel

Insurance Coordinator

Meet Susan, a Connecticut native with a heart as warm as the Florida sun. Growing up just outside of NYC in Fairfield CT, Susan's journey led her to Sarasota in 1999, where she quickly fell in love with the Sunshine State and all it has to offer.

Susan's career has always revolved around service-oriented roles, reflecting her innate desire to help others and make a positive impact. Whether she's assisting clients or tending to her garden, Susan approaches every task with dedication and care.

When she's not busy at work, you'll often find Susan lost in the pages of a good book, piecing together a challenging jigsaw puzzle, or nurturing her garden to vibrant life. With her passion for gardening and her love of literature, Susan adds a touch of creativity and tranquility to her everyday life.

In addition to her hobbies, Susan also shares a special bond with her husband, whom she met through their shared love of golf. Recognizing his integrity and sense of humor, Susan knew she had found a true partner in life.

With her warm personality and unwavering dedication to service, Susan is a valued member of our community, and we're grateful to have her as part of our team.

Susan Wenzel
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